Educational theme

  • Theoretical training

    Our air conditioning academy, founded in 2014, plays an important role in maintaining contact with our partner network and in following accelerated technology development. To this end, except for the residential peak Summer season, we try to familiarize our partner network with the innovations of the Midea and LG brands through continuous theoretical training. We always tailor our training to the current product range and market needs, and hold all-day training sessions for our partners in small groups (max. 25 people).

  • Practical training

    We hold theoretical and practical training also at the AC Academy which is more than 250m2. The theoretical knowledge is only the first step in acquiring deep technical knowledge due to the complexity of the systems and the many technical variables. At the AC Academy, you have the opportunity to try out what you learned during the theoretical training in practice. Such practical training is, for example, the practical training of air-source heat pumps, especially for those installers who are already authorized installing air conditioners. However, there are several industrial systems in operation at the AC Academy, from chillers with lower efficiency to VRF systems. Thus, if required, we can even hold problem simulation trainings or installation trainings for professionals who are interested to deepen their knowledge. In all cases, we organize our practical training in smaller groups for better educational efficiency!

  • Main data

    Floor area: ~300 m2 Installed units: LG, Midea heat pumps; LG VRF; Midea chillers + fan-coil units; residential mono-multisplit units; LCAC monosplit units. Maximum capacity: 25 people